Wednesday, June 29, 2011


What an interesting few weeks it has been. The one thing I keep finding myself saying is "Seriously?" Really, sometimes I can't even believe the things that happen in our everyday. I don't think I would even believe it if I weren't living it. The thing about all of it is that I don't know whether I really am going crazy or not, because all I can do is laugh. I can't cry. No more tears I guess. Not complaining, because I KNOW there will come a day when I really can look back on all of this and say "COMPLETELY UNBELIEVEABLE" and realize that at the same time it was making me, the kids and Bryan.....who we are today. Sometimes though, there is just a small piece of me who wishes that we weren't given all of these tests to pass. Give someone else a chance...but I know there are reasons behind them and so far we continue to make the best of every situation and chalk it up to just another day in paradise.

Brigitte has had a very, very tough few weeks. She literally is in a psychological crisis, most likely induced by pain and medical trauma. You are right in reading that my four year old (almost 5!!!) has really been driven crazy. She is on more meds than I can list and none of it seems to be helping. She has become combative to herself and others and until two nights ago, was running on less than a few hours of sleep a night. She was admitted to the hospital for a few surgical procedures, specifically switching her Gtube to a GJ tube. What was supposed to only be an hour under anesthesia turned into four hours and when she finally came to, she was a child we had never seen before. Completely delerious. Thankfully, we are finally picking up on what is really helping, and its pain medication. The poor little thing has been in so much pain, it literally made her crazy.

We came home from the hospital on Sunday night.....only to return on Monday night. Not with Brigitte, but with Sean. Again. Remember the pattern??

Sean decided to take a header off his scooter. I took him to the local urgent care because he needed stitches to his forehead.....also turns out he broke his hand.....and while we were at it, decided to have a spinal fluid leak from his ears. So off to Children's we went. THANKFULLY, the leak stopped. He got 6 stitches and orders to come back on Wednesday to see the hand surgeon since the swelling was so bad they couldn't cast him. Today it was a bit better. He does have a displaced fracture, but the doctor is optimistic it will heal nicely. Got himself a fancy cast....and back again in 3 weeks for more x-rays!

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