Thursday, April 29, 2010

Christmas in April????

We decided to go ahead and do a "down day" today. I think we all woke up and just needed a day to recharge our batteries. I don't think any of us have realized how much the toll has taken on us in the last 4 years. We are exhausted!!! Mentally and physically.

So we hit the pool again today around 11am. Again, the day was perfect with weather in the low 80's and almost no humidity. That's all about to change tomorrow though. Around 2pm Brigitte started to get pretty miserable again, so I decided to take her and Brenna back to the room, give her a bath and get her in for a nap. The best of intentions!!! No nap, but she did get a nice bath to get the bottle of sunscreen off of her. Since Monday, I have become a sunscreen fanatic. The kids run when they see the bottle come out of the bag!!! Cracks me up!!!

Bryan just came back with the boys and they got baths. I enjoyed about an hour on the deck watching the giraffes, ostriches and whatever else is out there!!! Bryan even brought back a Banana Cabana for me.....HOLLA!!!!!

Tonight we are headed over to Give Kids the World for Christmas!!! Yep, Santa Claus and all. I hear it even snows!!!! The kids get christmas presents and we get a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings!! Mmmmmmmmm Goooood!!!

Tomorrow ends the wish portion of our trip. We will be up early to return the rental car and get another one...then might try to hit Universal and Islands of Adventure. The kids are dying to do the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and you know I'm not complainin'!!!! Then we will check into the Dolphin for a couple of nights before moving to our final resting place of The Swan for the last 3 nights........Ahhhhhhh. We have our photo shoot for The Littlest Hero's Project bright and early on Monday morning too. We heard from Paris today....and really cannot wait to meet her!!!!

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  1. Shannon
    I am SO GLAD you guys are having a great time> SO WELL DESERVED! I was so excited to see a post the other day. I had been waiting and checking the blog daily(ok many times a day). Continue to have a marvelous time. Merry Christmas! Peters cousin went there for her wish trip and now volunteers and is planning on moving to orlando and working/volunteering there.
    heart hugs love you guys keep having fun