Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wishes Do Come True......

We got the computer up and running, but only have internet access tonight....not sure if we will have it when we switch hotels on Friday.

The kids are having an amazing time. To say that Brigitte is overwhelmed, would be a major understatement. She is enamored by all the characters, but petrified of them at the same time. We had a scare the other day, and in all honestly, I was convinced we were going to end up needing to take her to the ER and get some fluids in her. We had spent the day by the pool (high 80's) and it just really took its toll on her, despite my best efforts to keep her hydrated. She has not had the best sleep since we got down here either and I don't think that helped the situation. The kids were even noticing and wondering if we should stay in the hotel for the day....we just bolused her every 30min and around 4pm, she finally perked up and was back to her normal self with good urine output! Crisis averted.....PHEW!!!!!

Thankfully, the weather has cooperated and has been in the high 70's with low humidity today and tomorrow....the upcoming weekend, not so much!!! We are planning some down time when the heat picks up again!

Enjoy some pictures of our days!!!!! The pictures are backwards....and honestly, I am waaaaay to tired to fix it tonight!! Will update again when we can!!! Just know we are truly enjoying ourselves!!!

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