Monday, April 26, 2010

Houston We Have A Problem....

Have no fear all.....the problem is not with the trip, but with my computer. It crashed. We have it semi-fixed, and are hoping to have it up later. BUT....we don't have wireless in the hotel. I am getting my 5 min in the access center and time is a tickin'!!!!

We are having a great time. Brigitte slept the entire flight!!! We hit Animal Kingdom yesterday. Pool day today. Weather has been AMAZING!!

Tomorrow is our BIG Magic Kingdom Day!! We will be up bright and early in order to get to MK to try and BEG someone to let Brigitte open the park with the characters. We'll see!!! She has been a bit hesitant with the characters, but is warming up, slowly and surely!!!

Sorry for the quick post, but wanted you all to know we really are having a GREAT time!!!

Will try to update as soon as I can!!!


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